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Why Choose Remember Me?

Remember Me Way Their Way
Design anywhere

Design on PC, laptop or tablet.

PC only

PC Needed. Often requires a Flash Plugin and/or download of applications.

Get everyone involved

Assign sections to users. No email needed.

Limited access

Single user or limited ability to add users.

Your yearbook, your style

Flexible designer with thousands of design elements.

Limited design options

Limited choices and/or the need for designer software.

Easy to use

Intuitive designer—staff and students will quickly get the hang of it.

Steep learning curve

A special course is often needed.

Low, straightforward pricing

Our simple agreement details your low cost per book. There's no obligation until you decide it's ready to print.

Complicated contracts

Hard-to-understand pricing with hidden costs.

No minimums, no up front commitment

We'll quickly fulfill orders for a few yearbooks, or thousands. There's never any commitment so order only what you need.

Locked-in deal

Contracts with large minimums or high per unit cost for smaller orders.

Outstanding support

Our knowledgeable staff is available by phone or email to quickly answer questions and help you along the way.

Hard to contact

Often it takes days to contact your salesperson or get an email or phone call returned.

Fast delivery

Receive your books in 10 business days or less. Our fast turnaround means you can include more spring events.

Multiple deadlines, up to 2 months wait time

No chance to include spring events.